Top 10 Charts: „How To Successfully Piss Off The Social Media Community“

Still to date there are masses of people in social media, who heard „it’s easy“, „you need to be there“, „you cannot sell without social media“ – so they went there without understanding the environment and consequently ignoring feedback from the community – thus wasting their own time and putting off the community. Hard selling in its common form is in fact dead. If you carry your product or service in front of you like a gun, pointing it at everybody coming your way, i.e. throwing it into everybody’s face on first sight, the following advice is for you.

by Skippiyon / Flickr CC BY 2.0

By „falling“ into social media without acquiring the knowledge about the way it works and then applying old-style marketing and sales mentality and „tone“ one is sure to fail. On my XXL facebook profiles I see and experience these mistakes every day. To my messages to stop this I got quite a number of very personal replies of people who got into social media sales contracts, quite often on an MLM basis, because they lost their jobs and were desperate for any kind of income, but without having any idea of what and how they should do – finding that they worked a lot and ended up with a few ridiculous bucks or no income at all, which is a real shame. This is one reason why I made this summary. The other reason is that there are still so many companies and individuals out there wasting time and resources.

Top 10 mistakes to consider, if you want to waste time and piss off the people who you intended to attract as customers:

#10 – Padding: Post just some bla bla stuff to fill the profile
Content is king. This remains even from the old days of media – make sure the stuff you post is really interesting. If there is nothing to say at the moment then say nothing. Padding is for cushions.

#9  – Behave like a megaphone, do not listen
… and ignore that there are other people who do smart stuff, too.
Very popular mistake: do not look at the profile of others, just dump them with your links and information. Using myself as an example: I work as a university teacher, speaker and consultant, trying to rather cut down on the daily hours, not to speak of seeking a „second income“.  What I do get the most e.g. on facebook is but exactly that as repeated offers, as the first thing after confirming a friend. Can you guys maybe first have a look who you offer stuff to? Do I appear on my profile as desperate to an extent that I would even consider MLM sales? No. I don’t. So, if you don’t check on the person you want to communicate with, you may end up offering the second-income-opportunity to Paulo Coelho or I don’t know, to someone like @ladygaga.

#8 – Post one (self) advertising link after the other
Okay, this will result in you keeping on posting and nobody even seeing it anymore, because you have been unfollowed on twitter or unfriended or set invisible on facebook. So eventually you will advertise to yourself.  Have fun.

# 7 – Ask others for favors, but do not return any
„This is important, can you pass this on, please?“ Firstly: consider, why anyone should do this other than because they know you well, appreciate you and know they can rely on you, too. If it is so, this will work. In all other cases it just won’t. You just care about your own stuff and not to support others as well, this will run into a dead end shortly. Social media is not a one way. Appreciation is galore.

# 6 – Use fake links
Name your link something like and target this to some sales website or landing page or mask a sales site with some „present“ you send to someone or adding the text „you look great in this video“ (the latter happens really often). The message that you in fact convey is clear: you consider others really stupid and you cheat. Sounds like a really sustainable concept, yes? Well, no, it is the slow Social Media death.

#5 – Copy stuff from others and pretend it’s yours
Copy and paste without quoting the original source … another very popular mistake. If you do not develop ideas of your own you won’t last. No, you can’t.

#4 – Point out social media mistakes permanently
Constantly remind others about their social media mistakes – oh, crap, wait, … damn it! 😀
Much appreciation for this very funny find, quoting RAGordon:
Check out his blog for more smart reading … highly recommended!

#3 – Add people to groups on Facebook without asking them before
Okay, there are some people who do not even notice, because they hardly ever log on, but as soon as they do, they will notice the spam of messages they receive from the groups‘ announcements and conversation and they will start hating the group and escape from it. Likely this was the least that you wanted to achieve.

by misteraitch on flickr, CC BY 2.0

Background: Facebook introduced this new „feature“ recently to satisfy advertising clients by replacing the „invite“ function with an „add“ function. Presently the user does not have the possibility to opt out of this by applying a privacy rule to prevent him from being added. Myself, I ended up being added to (some of many) the group of some right wing party in another country and an eroticstuffxyz group – which I would of course never associate myself with. So if you like to turn people against your product or service you disrespect their free will to join your site. Force adding to groups is like force feeding … you’ll be just hated – and the remaining ones who do not react to anything, might not even notice, or those who just waited for your group to be created to fill their flow of messages, because they felt so alone before.
People on facebook are not cattle or sheep one can roundup in an enclosure called „facebook group“ and expect they will all like it and follow. Watch out, they might even turn against you and this is not going to be funny – for you. If you want to create social media damage, this is one sure way to do it. You need to come accross only one user who has been added to one group too many and who is not in the mood to leave a dozen groups a day. His answer is not going to be the best entertainment you wished for your group. Politeness and respect are here the same important for business and success like everywhere else.

#2 – Direct someone who put a question on your facebook page to the customer service hotline
Does need explanation? Guess not.

#1 – Become accepted as a Facebook friend and instantly throw a DM or wall post with your advertising
Similar to #8, most of the times committed by the same group of people. This will cause the sudden death of this friendship in most cases. I had to close my personal facebook wall for postings by others as it became an advertising dump within minutes I did not watch. „Thank you for your friendship“ – bang!  There a plump posting for some herbs, pills, juices, you name it, appeared there. This is not visibility – this is annoying – and it definitely is anti-advertising. The least I will consider products that the sales person throws into my face. Hard selling is dead. Stop it.
You will be deleted from the friends list, together with your posting – and you will end up being friends only with other spammers – who are likely not the ones buying from you.
There are different ways people use social platforms (private or public communication) – and they are all becoming more and more sensitive to advertising spam and start reporting those who do not respect that. It is a seduction that most of the platforms are free to join, so it looks as if it was a free advertising platform, where you can hunt the users down with your marketing. But it’s not. You disrespect others, they will disrespect you back.

The Moral of this countdown:
People will not buy stuff because you bump their nose into it, with more and more force every day. One can merely watch like the sales pressure rises by the day  – this is the impression one gets by the many times the listed mistakes do happen. Yes, sales people and companies become more desperate every day, more and more competition arrives in the markets, higher sales figures expected every month, and less people buying in a consumer product overdosed world. But trying to push the client even harder, to approach him even more often will and must have the reverse effect. Only vision and inspiration will stand out. No push what so ever is going to work. Push kills your sales, less and less people fall for it.
Create experience and appreciation instead.

My Recommendation: The Horse „Hard Selling“ is dead. Stop Riding it.
Find the vision, the very core of you or your product and what makes it different from others – and what is really interesting for others. With this you are going to be busy for a while, you won’t shoot this from the hip … and this is OK. Make a test: Now the window opens, and outside are 500.000 people. What is it that you will say to them? You have one sentence, no commas. One sentence as an essence of what you do or to describe your vision or service or product. When you are finished, ask yourself the question, if this was interesting enough and then re-phrase it. Put yourself in the shoes of the person hearing your message. Is it interesting? Fascinating? Makes you want to know more?

You might just as well reconsider whether the product you are trying to sell is going to make it or if this is really what you want to do. If not, you will find it difficult to produce the spark your communication will need to have. Once you are certain of those aspects, embrace the 2.0 paradigm of community, togetherness, respect, transparency and exchange, and find out what will need to be given for free, where you need to be generous, and what are the services or products you need to be paid for. Social media is not full of jobless, bored and hopeless characters sitting in front of a screen not earning anything. People in social media today respect that certain services and products are sold or need to be paid for, but they will consider the way they are made and communicated, too. The spirit of business and life has changed. And it was about time it did so.

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